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Story of Justice: Betty

Betty* was provided representation for her Injunction for Protection and her divorce from CCLA’s family law attorneys, who represent victims of intimate partner violence in a holistic manner. Betty and her husband married in 2015 and separated two years later after the birth of their child, who then lived with Betty. After the husband was served with the Temporary Injunction for Protection, he violated it. Our Family Law attorney represented Betty at the return hearing, and... Read More

Story of Justice: Fred

Fred*, a 68-year-old senior, was in jeopardy of losing the house where he had lived for 35 years. The senior was unable to afford the mortgage payments after the death of his partner and fell behind. CCLA attorneys contacted the mortgage company to negotiate a payment schedule and referred the senior to the Goodman Jewish Family Services for assistance. The Jim Moran Foundation Grant provided the senior with financial assistance to bring his mortgage payments... Read More

Sponsor Spotlight: BCBA

The relationship between the Legal Aid Programs in Broward and the Broward County Bar Association (BCBA) goes back to the inception of Legal Aid in 1973. We work closely on a number of levels and our partnership with BCBA is invaluable. Both LAS and CCLA are in the 100% Membership Club and regularly participate in BCBA activities and events. We wish to THANK the BCBA for their loyal and generous support this past year, including... Read More

Board Member Spotlight: Honorable Ron Rothschild

The Honorable Ronald J. Rothschild has served on our joint Board of Directors since 2013 and is completing his third and final term at the end of December. His wisdom, experience and compassion for the clients we serve has been an incredible asset to both the Board and our staff. Judge Ron, as he is frequently called, is a favorite among staff due to his strong interest and support for our legal aid programs. From... Read More

17th Annual For the Public Good Recap

More than 260 people came out to celebrate community advocates in the legal industry during our 17th annual  For the Public Good event. The event took place at the Pier 66 Hotel and Marina in Fort Lauderdale on October 25. The evening reception paid tribute to five outstanding community advocates who have gone above and beyond in their efforts to secure justice and change lives for the underprivileged and underserved in Broward County, including Robin... Read More

Story of Justice: Marie

Marie* and Jules* met as children in Haiti. They moved to the United States to build a life together. Jules worked as a maintenance worker for the city, and Marie worked in home healthcare. They had a long-term marriage with three children, but their marriage soon became more violent. Jules was ordered to leave the home when things got out of hand a final time. Marie now lived peacefully in the marital home with the... Read More

Story of Justice: Gaby

Gaby*, a 69-year-old senior with multiple disabilities, had to move out of her apartment after the landlord did not renew her lease. She found a new apartment, but she was not able to pay the required $1,250 security deposit. She had no savings and only receives $800 per month in social security disability benefits. With no place to go, Gaby was now homeless and sleeping on the back patio of her old residence. CCLA attorneys... Read More

Board Member Spotlight: Peter Caspari

Peter Caspari has been on our Board of Directors since 2015, representing United Way of Broward County. He grew up in New York and enlisted in the military during the Vietnam era, serving in various duty assignments. Upon completion of his military career and honorable discharge, he relocated to South Florida. Today, Peter is the CEO and founder of the iReachAmerica Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to community advocacy for our military Wounded Warriors, service... Read More