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Board Member Profile: Carlos E. Sandoval, Esq.

Carlos E. Sandoval, Esq. I joined the Board of Directors of Legal Aid Service of Broward County (LAS) and Coast to Coast Legal Aid of South Florida (CCLA) in 2017. As a lawyer, knowing that there are so many persons who do not have access to justice because of their lack of financial resources is frustrating. The need is always greater that what we can do as individuals, and has never been greater than it... Read More

Story of Justice: Fred’s Property Is Fraudulently Transferred

Fred’s Property Is Fraudulently Transferred Background Fred,* a 71-year-old senior citizen is blind and very hard of hearing. Four years ago, while he was temporarily residing at a rehabilitation facility following surgery, his son fraudulently signed Fred’s name on a Quit Claim deed to transfer Fred’s property to himself. Assistance Before the son could follow through on his plan to sell Fred’s home, Coast to Coast Legal Aid (CCLA) got involved in assisting Fred. Through... Read More

Story of Justice: Diana flees Domestic Violence

Story of Justice: Diana flees Domestic Violence Background In a drunken rage, Mario* struck Diana* when she refused to give him the car keys. Diana ran to the neighbors to escape his abuse, but Mario pursued her, dragging her back to their home. He twisted Diana’s arm so hard while dragging her that she fell to the ground. Once in their home, the violence continued with Mario kicking Diana. He then grabbed Diana’s phone and... Read More

Pro Bono Attorney Spotlight: Ofer Shmucher

Ofer Shmucher, Esq. Mr. Ofer Shmucher is a new member of the Broward Lawyers Care Pro Bono Panel. Since June 2020, Mr. Shmucher has generously accepted several new cases to represent clients being sued by debt collectors to help them reach a fair resolution. His work helps clients to avoid the risk of a wage garnishment, which would make low-income clients more vulnerable to eviction or foreclosure. Mr. Shmucher is a bankruptcy attorney and the... Read More

Story of Justice: Rebecca Appeals during Covid-19

Story of Justice: Rebecca Appeals during Covid-19 The Challenge: Rebecca received SSI benefits for severe schizophrenia for many years. When she moved to Georgia to live with her sister, the Social Security Administration reviewed her case. After having issues with her sister, Rebecca decided to return to Florida and notified the local SSA office of the change of address. Unfortunately, the hearing office in Georgia sent the hearing notice to the wrong address and Rebecca missed... Read More

Story of Justice: Mike the Vet and a case for PTSD

Story of Justice: Mike the Vet and a case for PTSD Background: While in the Army in the 1980s, Mike, an African American, was stationed in rural Germany transporting and guarding nuclear weapons to and from small German towns. The locals did not agree with the US occupying and storing nukes in their villages, so they protested the military presence. One day while returning to base, Mike was trapped in his Jeep by a crowd... Read More

Profile in Good: Angela Fernandez

Angela Fernandez, Esq. Angela Fernandez is an attorney with CCLA who recently joined the Senior Citizen Law Project, which provides free civil legal services to low-income seniors 60 and older in various areas of law including Landlord-Tenant, Foreclosures, Consumer, Abuse/Exploitation, Immigration, Health and Public Benefits. Previously, Angela worked with the Family and Domestic Violence Law Unit under the supervision of Director Lisa Goldberg to help establish the Family Court Self Advocacy Center in the Broward... Read More

Pro Bono Attorney Spotlight: Rhoda Sokoloff

Rhoda Sokoloff, Esq. Rhoda Sokoloff, Esq., volunteers with Broward Lawyers Care (BLC) at Legal Aid to assist survivors of domestic violence to resolve their family law issues. She has volunteered with BLC for over 20 years. In the past eight years, she has volunteered over 100 hours. In addition to accepting family law cases, she has also volunteered with the Broward Lawyers Care Advice and Counsel Hotline to advise clients on housing, family law and... Read More
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