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Story of Justice: Jane

Jane came to Coast to Coast for representation on an Injunction for Stalking against her ex-boyfriend, Ed. During the initial consultation, Jane revealed that she was a victim of physical and sexual violence, which is what ultimately lead to the break up with Ed and his subsequent stalking of Jane. Jane suffers from multiple mental illnesses and disorders, sometimes resulting in panic attacks. She takes psychotropic medications to control her condition, which make her drowsy... Read More

Story of Justice: Susan

Susan was referred to Legal Aid through the Medical Legal Partnership, a pilot project that connects Memorial Health System patients with legal advice and assistance. Susan was originally from Russia/Ukraine, but arrived in New York a few years ago on a T-Visa, an immigration status provided to victims of human trafficking. Eventually making her way down to Florida, Susan began seeking work, housing, and a fresh start to her life. However, she still had a... Read More

Story of Justice: Jeanne

Jeanne came to Coast to Coast for assistance after she had a debilitating stroke.  Due to her medical problems she was unable to continue working in a factory.  The hospital helped Jeanne apply for Social Security disability, but she couldn’t read or speak English and didn’t understand the letters she was receiving. She met with a CCLA attorney and Creole speaking paralegal. Our attorney filed a representation form and began communicating with the Social Security... Read More

Story of Justice: Liza

Liza is a 19 year old living in an assisted living facility in the protective custody of the Department of Children and Families (DCF). Adopted from Romania as a young girl, Liza had been born without a right arm, blind in one eye and deaf in one ear. She also had learning disabilities. Abused by her adopted mother, she was removed from her home without any independent source of income. Unable to work full-time and... Read More

Board Member Spotlight: Arnold E. Nazur, CPA, CFE

Arnold Nazur joined our Board of Directors in 2018. He currently is the president of Nazur & Associates, P.A., a full-service Certified Public Accounting firm licensed in the State of Florida. Arnold originally started his public accounting career in 1989 with McClain & Company, LLP, Miami’s oldest local accounting firm.  He became a partner at McClain & Company in 2000, where he remained a partner until starting his own practice in May 2002, primarily as... Read More

Pro Bono Attorney Spotlight: Jason Neufeld

Jason Neufeld, Esq., has volunteered with Legal Aid to assist low-income residents of Broward County since 2016. In addition to advising tenants on their legal rights with the Broward Lawyers Care Telephone Advice and Counsel Hotline, he also represented a survivor of sexual assault in a housing dispute. His assistance enabled her to move into a new home pursuant to her rights under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). Most recently, Jason volunteered to complete healthcare... Read More


The Court, or your attorney, will email you a link to enter the virtual courtroom. The Zoom Courtroom may be accessed by looking up your Judge on If you cannot access the link, please contact our office immediately. If you do not have access to a computer or phone with video capabilities, there will also be a call-in number to appear with audio only. However, the Judge may need to see you to go... Read More

Housing Clinic Co-Hosted with TransSocial

Rainbow Justice, a program that trains private attorneys to provide free civil legal services to members of the LGBTQ+ community, was initiated in early 2020 by the Legal Aid Programs in Broward County. The robust legal training curriculum is offered to attorneys in exchange for their commitment to volunteer at any of our upcoming legal clinics for income-eligible LGBTQ+ Broward residents. The first Rainbow Justice Project legal clinic incorporated an overview of common housing legal... Read More
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