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Story of Justice: Tricia*

Tricia is a 68-year-old widow. She and her husband bought a home in 2002. In 2008, Tricia agreed to have her name removed from the deed to the home so her husband could qualify and obtain a reverse mortgage. The mortgage company assured her that she could easily be added back to the deed and to the reverse mortgage when she turned 62. However, when she contacted the mortgage company after turning 62, she was... Read More

Story of Justice: Raquel*

Raquel was a nursing assistant when she got pregnant. Her doctor advised her not to lift anything over 5 pounds; however, her duties required her to care for more than forty patients daily and included heavier lifting. Although Raquel was able to work, her employer could not provide her with a job that did not include heavy lifting. Raquel had to leave the position and subsequently applied for unemployment benefits. The former employer objected, stating... Read More

Pro Bono Attorney Spotlight: Kristen Goss, Esq.

Kristen Goss is a South Florida native and the managing partner of KWG Family Legal & Mediation Services, LLC. Her areas of focus include child support, timesharing, adoption, domestic violence, dependency, wills, trusts, probate, and guardianship. Ms. Goss is a Florida Supreme Court certified family mediator. She utilizes her mediating skills to ensure her clients reach an amicable resolution, and when children are involved, one that is in their best interest in hopes of fostering... Read More

Story of Justice: Linda*

Linda came to Legal Aid because her condominium association was refusing to waive mandatory cable fees for her family. According to Florida law, a household that receives SNAP benefits or Social Security is eligible for a waiver of the condominium basic bulk service costs.  Linda has a disabled son who receives disability and the family receives SNAP benefits, making her eligible for such a waiver. However, her condominium association refused to waive the fees and... Read More

Story of Justice: Joanna*

Originally from the Philippines, Joanna dated an American citizen for many years before she agreed to marry him and move to the United States. He made many promises and assurances, and even helped her submit paperwork for a Green Card. After Joanna arrived in the United States, her husband denied access to the outside world and even limited her movement to certain rooms in the home. Eventually, Joanna was able to connect to resources at... Read More

Annabella Barboza Named 2019 Attorney of the Year

Annabella Barboza, Esq. is a shareholder of Barboza Law & Associates, a boutique law firm dedicated to serving clients in the areas of real estate, probate, estate planning and business law. She is one of a select number of Florida attorneys who are Board Certified in Real Estate Law. In addition to her practice, Ms. Barboza is devoted to giving back to the legal profession and her community. She is actively involved with several local... Read More

2019 Law Firm of the Year Award Presented to Shutts

The 2019 Law Firm of the Year award honors a firm that has a long history of supporting LAS and CCLA. Shutts demonstrates a commitment to justice at every level. Attorneys are encouraged to volunteer their time and make financial donations. Partner Edward O’Sheehan heads their Pro Bono Committee and serves on the joint LAS/CCLA Board of Directors. Other attorneys have been involved with the Advice and Counsel Hotline and numerous pro bono cases, logging in excess... Read More

Spirit of Justice Award Honors JM Family Enterprises

JM Family Enterprises, Inc. has privately and publicly supported Legal Aid Programs in Broward since 1998. In addition to pro bono contributions, they are a ground floor corporate partner in several key initiatives and collaborative programs. Their comprehensive support benefits thousands of clients, and they are the first corporate partner to join our League of Justice, pledging a sustained annual commitment of $10,000. JM Family’s demonstrated history of corporate philanthropy and community partnerships has made Broward County... Read More