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Coast to Coast Legal Aid of South Florida Celebrates Earth Day with GO GREEN Announcement

Coast to Coast Legal Aid of South Florida (CCLA) is pleased to kick off their paperless workplace initiative today in honor of Earth Day. Starting today, client files will be maintained electronically instead of hard-copy paper files. A paperless environment is supported by E-filing requirements in both Federal and Circuit Courts, and will replace paper file storage with a cloud based document retention system. In addition, a cost savings is expected to be realized with the elimination of off-site paper file storage costs, as well as paper and photocopying expenses.

The paperless workplace is part of the larger GO GREEN initiative announced in January 2019. A recycling program, also part of the initiative, was implemented earlier this year.

Marta Estevez, Chief Innovation Officer at CCLA, has led the GO GREEN initiative. She says, “I am pleased to have taken this important step toward a more environmentally friendly office. By using technology tools readily available, we are increasing efficiencies throughout our office. I look forward to continuing our GREEN initiatives.”