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Somy Ali to Receive the 2019 Commitment to Justice Award

Somy Ali is Bollywood actress, writer, filmmaker, model and activist. Originally from Karachi, Pakistan, she grew up in a home with severe domestic violence. Somy, her mother and younger brother moved to the United States from Pakistan when she was 12. At age 16, she moved to India to pursue a career in the Hindi film industry and ten films later, returned to the U.S. to pursue a college education. Graduating with a degree in Psychology, Somy established No More Tears, a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization, with the mission of rescuing human trafficking and domestic violence victims from their abusers.  No More Tears (NMT) works with all victims of relationship violence; however, the majority of their clients are trafficking victims who have been subjected to extreme physical, psychological, and sexual abuse and torture. 

No More Tears’ first client was referred to her by a Coast to Coast Legal Aid of South Florida (CCLA) family law attorney. The client was a young mother from Iran who had been severely abused by her husband and isolated from her family. The CCLA attorney quickly realized that the client needed more than just legal assistance and introduced her to Somy, who provided our client with educational resources and helped her enroll in pharmacy school at Nova. Ultimately, our client earned a degree in pharmacology and now lives a life free of abuse. In the years since, NMT’s assistance has been invaluable to countless clients served by CCLA.

Since its inception in 2007, NMT has provided immediate and direct assistance to over 30,000 adults and children.  During a typical month, the organization receives more than 50 referrals from police departments, victim advocate organizations, the FBI, ICE, schools and medical facilities. In 2017 alone, NMT assisted over 100 victims of physical and sexual violence and the need is increasing at an alarming rate.  “As a survivor of child sexual abuse and rape at 14, I am honored to be recognized for what No More Tears has achieved over the years,” explains Somy Ali. “I find myself fortunate to wake up each day and help those who are screaming, but remain unheard. I dedicate this award to those who have suffered immense sexual and physical violence, yet came out of it strong and used it as fuel to help others in need. The Survivors are the real Heroes.”