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Stories of Justice: Henry

Henry* is a 53 year-old man who moved to Florida from New England. Prior to his move, he had a home health care aid because he suffered from debilitating chronic pain and was not able to care for himself. Although he was receiving Social Security Disability and Medicare funds, he didn’t know how to access the needed services here in Broward County.

CCLA’s healthcare access attorney was able to assist Henry by coordinating and arranging for the proper evaluation necessary for long-term care, and he received approval to receive services in his home. Meanwhile, during the same timeframe, Social Security began a medical review of Henry’s condition to determine if he was still disabled. Fortunately, the healthcare access attorney was able to work with another CCLA attorney who specializes in Social Security cases, and together then ensured that Henry’s benefits would continue.

​*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients.