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Stories of Justice: Tommy*

Tommy* is a 72 year old 100% disabled Vietnam Veteran. He came to us for assistance after the Veteran’s Administration (VA) mistakenly cut off his disability check due to an alleged “fleeing felon” status. The VA also charged Tommy with more than $35,000 in alleged over payments they had made to him. Without his VA disability check, Tommy was at risk of losing his home. Meanwhile both his water and electricity were shut off.

CCLA attorneys represented Tommy and provided the VA with court documents to show that he is not a fleeing felon. After the documents were provided, the VA advised Tommy that he could expect to wait at least six months before the agency would reinstate his benefits.

Given the urgency of Tommy’s situation, CCLA attorneys informally contacted the VA Regional Office and successfully expedited the process. Thankfully, Tommy’s benefits were fully reinstated in time to prevent him from losing his home. He will receive more than $11,000 retroactively.

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients.