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Story of Justice: Betty

Betty* was provided representation for her Injunction for Protection and her divorce from CCLA’s family law attorneys, who represent victims of intimate partner violence in a holistic manner. Betty and her husband married in 2015 and separated two years later after the birth of their child, who then lived with Betty.

After the husband was served with the Temporary Injunction for Protection, he violated it. Our Family Law attorney represented Betty at the return hearing, and then helped her file an Affidavit of Violation. The husband continued to text her with serious threats of violence, including threatening Betty and her mother at their places of work. The attorney drafted her divorce pleadings, and the husband was served with the divorce after the entry of the Final Judgment of Injunction.  He failed to answer the pleadings and a default was entered against him. 

A final hearing on the dissolution of marriage action was swiftly set and the Court ordered child support, imputing minimum wage to the husband and awarded the wife sole parental responsibility of the minor child with limited supervised time-sharing for the husband. The Court ordered that the husband be evaluated by a mental health professional and have a substance abuse evaluation before any unsupervised time-sharing would be considered. The situation was so serious that Broward Sheriff’s Office filed a Risk Protection Petition against the husband as he possessed numerous firearms and they believed he was a serious threat to the community. The entire case wrapped up within 3 months of the initial petition for Injunction.