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Story of Justice: Raquel*

Raquel was a nursing assistant when she got pregnant. Her doctor advised her not to lift anything over 5 pounds; however, her duties required her to care for more than forty patients daily and included heavier lifting. Although Raquel was able to work, her employer could not provide her with a job that did not include heavy lifting. Raquel had to leave the position and subsequently applied for unemployment benefits. The former employer objected, stating that since Raquel had quit the job she was not eligible for unemployment benefits. Raquel found help with The Economic Advocacy and Community Health (EACH) Project Team at CCLA. An EACH paralegal filed an appeal and represented Raquel at the hearing. Raquel won her case at the appeal level and was awarded the maximum possible benefit she was entitled to — $2,328.

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients.