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Story of Justice: Rose*

Rose* was severely beaten by Charles*, the father of her child, and was hospitalized for days. Charles was arrested and hired an attorney. A CCLA staff attorney represented Rose and obtained a Final Judgment of Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence. Then, Charles filed a paternity action for custody of their son. CCLA represented Rose for that case as well and answered his petition. While the paternity case was pending, Rose was cooperating with the police department and State Attorney’s Office to help with the prosecution of Charles for the domestic violence. Because of this cooperation, CCLA was able to apply for U-Visa immigration relief for Rose. Rose was conditionally approved and able to obtain a driver’s license. CCLA also helped her apply for and receive food stamps and Medicaid for her citizen child. When the hospital began collection proceeding for the charges incurred during her hospital stay after the beating, CCLA worked with the police department victim advocate and the State to coordinate victim’s compensation to cover the medical costs.

Meanwhile, under the paternity case, the court granted Rose sole parental responsibility and child support. Charles was convicted of felony battery and deported. Rose is safe and moving forward with her life. A few weeks ago, Rose’s employment authorization was approved and she has deferred action while she awaits her U-Visa.

This has been a long journey for Rose. Recognizing that the holidays looked bleak for Rose and her son, in December 2018 the CCLA attorneys “adopted” them as part of our annual Holiday Adopt-a-Family.

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients.