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2022 Spirit of Justice Award Presented to Chad Van Horn

2022 Spirit of Justice Award Presented to Chad Van Horn

May 6 at 1pm via Facebook Live
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Chad Van Horn is the recipient of the 2022 Spirit of Justice Award. The Spirit of Justice Award was created in 2014 to recognize those who embody the “spirit” of the work done by CCLA and LAS and to commemorate the 40th and 10th anniversaries of each respectively. Chad Van Horn does just that and has been a long-time support supporter of the Legal Aid Programs in Broward. Chad and his team are committed to the underserved in our community who often have difficulty accessing the legal system. The very mission of his firm is dedicated to restoring peace of mind to individuals in financial distress by providing first rate, affordable legal services with compassion, understanding and respect.

Chad’s vision truly embodies the “spirit” of the work done by LAS and CCLA by serving as a relentless advocate for debtors’ rights in the State of Florida and across the country with the goal of dispelling the stigma associated with bankruptcy, empowering citizens with the knowledge of their rights and providing access to legal system. He also serves on the LAS Board of Directors, donating his time to the business side of the organization, while also continuing to provide financial support through sponsorships and donations.

Chad and his team have never refused a pro bono case from either LAS or CCLA. To date, the firm has handled approximately 160 pro bono cases for Legal Aid, providing more than $250,000 worth of free legal services to those in need. Statewide, the Van Horn Law Group has handled more than 200 cases for several legal aid organizations. When bankruptcy isn’t the best option, Chad provides counsel on debt management to help pro bono clients remain solvent. In terms of social impact, Chad offers justice in the world of bankruptcy and insolvency to those who are shut out of the system because of their economic circumstances. He is committed to finding and implementing ways to make the system more equitable.

Van Horn says, “The people are the most rewarding part of my work. I develop long term relationships with my clients, and it’s incredibly rewarding to watch them go from their absolute lowest point to a place of contentment, all because we gave them a path to solvency and a little hope. My clients – the people – make it really cool.”

Chad Van Horn, Esq., founder of Van Horn Law Group, P.A., is a relentless advocate for people facing financial crisis and has taken on 103 pro bono cases through the Mission United Veterans Pro Bono Project and the Broward Lawyers Care Pro Bono Project at Legal Aid since 2012. He is a certified expert in both consumer and business bankruptcy by the Association of Boards of Certification and has appeared in over 4,000 bankruptcy matters.

Helping people, especially those facing hardship, is a way of life for Chad that extends far beyond his law practice into all of his community and civic efforts. He applies his resources and network to helping others through a combination of spirited entrepreneurship, dedicated philanthropy, and legal expertise.

Chad is not afraid of the more difficult cases and treats each of his pro bono clients with the same level of attention and respect that he gives to his paying clients. Due to his zealous advocacy, he can help our low-income veterans and other community members escape the physical and emotional burdens of bankruptcy. He provides hope when many of them have already given up and provides a holistic approach to practicing law that is invaluable to pro bono clients, especially veterans who often have several legal issues.

In 2005, Van Horn started working as a bankruptcy law clerk while attending law school at night. He earned his Juris Doctor from Nova Southeastern University’s Shepard Broad Law School in 2009. Van Horn, a Fort Lauderdale resident, was admitted to The Florida Bar in 2009 and the United States Supreme Court in 2014.

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