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Call Us at: 954-736-2400 | Open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm

Fellowships & Internships

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Our internships and fellowships play a critical role in integrating legal talent with community programs in need!

Fellowships & Internships with CCLA

Coast to Coast Legal Aid of South Florida provides critical legal assistance to thousands of low-income residents of Broward County who could otherwise not afford it. Our fellowship, internship, and externship programs play a critical role in integrating legal talent with community programs in need!

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Internships & Externships

Coast to Coast Legal Aid (CCLA) has hosted hundreds of interns and externs over the years. We offer invaluable legal experience and a glimpse into the work of public interest lawyers. CCLA offers unpaid internships and externships to law school, graduate, and undergraduate students throughout the year. Please check with your school to find out if you are eligible for a stipend; many schools offer programs to intern with a public interest firm. Our internships and externships provide real-world legal experience. Interns and externs have the opportunity to draft legal pleadings, observe and participate in client meetings, create legal content for the community, litigate if certified, observe court proceedings, conduct legal research, attend community events, produce informational materials, and more!

Please reach out to us if you are interested in interning or externing in one of the following CCLA units: Family Law and Victims of Crime, Economic Advocacy and Community Health, or the Senior Citizen Law Project. In addition to legal interns, we accept interns for communications, marketing, videography, web design, graphic design, journalism, and public relations. Applicants should submit her/his/their resume and cover letter to

*Currently, we are at capacity with legal interns for Summer 2024. Please check back in August for Fall 2024.

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Fellowship Programs

At CCLA, we host both law school and post graduate fellowships. Law school fellowships allow current law students to partner with public interest legal providers, like CCLA, to provide direct legal services, engage in community outreach and education, and build networks which will last and grow beyond the fellowship. Post graduate fellowships act as a catalyst for recently graduated individuals to begin their work in the public interest field. Fellows engage in meaningful, necessary, and often novel legal work within designated service area. These fellowships may be designed independently by the prospective fellow or may be developed by fellowship organizations, like Equal Justice Works. If you are interested in either law school or post graduate fellowship opportunities, please review below for more information.

Fellows may expect to receive the following:

  • A modest financial stipend
  • Networking opportunities with other public interest law students and local bar associations
  • Real life, real case, practical legal experience
  • The opportunity to draft pleadings, observe and participate in client meetings, litigate or observe litigation, and conduct legal research

Ideal candidates will have one or more of the following:

  • An outstanding academic record in law school
  • A concentration in public interest law
  • Experience working with vulnerable populations or in public service
  • An understanding of, and dedication to, CCLA’s mission
  • Leadership ability

Law School Fellowships

*Please speak with your law school about fellowships that may be available for you. Then, speak with us about hosting your fellowship.

Post Graduate Fellowships

Post graduate fellowships play a critical role in developing and training young attorneys. These fellowships are extremely competitive and require a dedicated applicant with a passion for equal justice. Post graduate fellowships require a fellow, a host organization, and a funder. Interested in kickstarting your public interest career with a legal fellowship? Check out the links below to see the different fellowship options available and how to contact CCLA to serve as your host organization. You may also want to visit your law school’s Career Services/Professional Development Department for additional guidance.

Equal Justice Works (EJW) Fellowship

Become an Equal Justice Works Fellow – Equal Justice Works
Design-Your-Own Fellowship – Equal Justice Works
Disaster Resilience Program – Equal Justice Works
Elder Justice Program – Equal Justice Works
Housing Justice Program – Equal Justice Works

If you are interested in CCLA hosting your fellowship, you should submit a cover letter, resume, and a one-page proposed project summary to CCLA. A project is an initiative which involves effective legal advocacy on behalf of individuals, groups, or issues that are not adequately represented by some aspect of the legal system. Applicants must have graduated from an Equal Justice Works Member Law School with a J.D. or LL.M and have passed, or plan to sit for, the Florida Bar. Applicants should submit her/his/their resume, cover letter, and one page project proposal to

Past Fellows

“My fellowship experience helped me find my way as a new attorney. The work I did for this fellowship was extremely rewarding and helped set me up for a fulfilling career in public interest law!”

David Johnson, Esq.
Current Fellow
, Senior Citizen Law Project, CCLA
2020 Equal Justice Works Fellow – Elder Justice Program
David William Johnson – Equal Justice Works

Brittany Brooks, Esq.
Current Fellow
, EACH Unit, Coast to Coast Legal Aid of South Florida
2020 Equal Justice Works Fellow – Serving Our Sisters S.O.S.
Brittany Brooks – Equal Justice Works

“The two years I spent as an Equal Justice Work’s Fellow allowed me to pursue a career path I never thought possible. Everyday I get to work alongside resilient survivors, argue novel law, and make a difference in my community. I will always be grateful I had the opportunity to be a fellow.”

Victoria Sexton, Esq.
Staff Attorney, Family Law Unit, CCLA
2019 Equal Justice Works Fellow – RIGHTS Program
(Representation Information and Guidance for Human Trafficking Survivors)
Victoria Marie Sexton – Equal Justice Works

Angela Fernandez Esq

“Fellowships are an unparalleled opportunity to gain real world legal experience while helping the community. And who knows? You may just find that you have a real calling and a passion for helping people improve their lives. I know I did.”

Angela H. Fernandez, Esq.
Staff Attorney, Senior Citizen Law Project, CCLA
2013 NEXT Fellow – Legal Aid Service of Broward County

Contact us to learn more about fellowships at CCLA

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