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Call Us at: 954-736-2400 | Open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm

Pro Bono

Pro Bono & Volunteer Opportunities

You can help provide access to justice to the most vulnerable members of our community!

Pro Bono Reimagined

Over the past 50+ years, access to justice has developed into a movement. Pro Bono work has moved beyond traditional direct, “one client, one case” representation. Following this trend, opportunities for private attorneys to assist us to bridge the justice gap through pro bono work and support have expanded. Coast to Coast Legal Aid of South Florida (CCLA) offers different ways for you to volunteer with us to help ensure access to justice in our communities. Whether you are a new attorney or experienced attorney, we offer different opportunities for you to give back.

Lead an in-person Legal Clinic

Represent Someone in Need

Co-Counsel a Case With Us

Provide Advice and Counsel Over the Phone

Conduct a CLE

Host a Fridays With Friends to Introduce Resources in Our Community

Teach a Virtual Legal Learning Episode or Clinic Session on Our Social Media Platforms

Create Materials for Us to Use With Other Pro Bono Attorneys and the Public

Engage in Outreach for Our Organization

Why Pro Bono

In response to a need for legal services to the poor, the Florida Supreme Court ruled in 1992 that lawyers should aspire to do at least 20 hours of pro bono work a year or contribute $350 to a legal aid organization like Coast to Coast Legal Aid of South Florida. Volunteering to do pro bono work enriches the community where you live and work. Increased pro se education, advice, and representation helps the court system work more efficiently and effectively. It’s the right thing to do. The best part, it makes you feel good.

Broward Lawyers Care & Collier Lawyers Care Pro Bono Projects

Through funding from the Legal Services Corporation, CCLA funds two pro bono projects in our region, Broward Lawyers Care (BLC) and Collier Lawyers Care (CLC). BLC is the officially recognized pro bono program in Broward County, Florida. BLC was formed in 1983 as a joint effort of the Broward County Bar Association and Legal Aid Service of Broward County.  Legal Aid continues to administer the project. Collier Lawyers Care (CLC) is the officially recognized pro bono program in Collier County, Florida and is a collaboration with the Collier County Bar Association. BLC & CLC enable busy attorneys to make a difference in their community through pro bono work. BLC &CLC manage the administrative issues so that the attorney’s time is spent directly on the clients’ legal needs.

Benefits BLC & CLC Provide to Attorneys

  • Provides $1 million of malpractice insurance
  • Administrative assistance and support
  • Screens all clients
  • Matches clients with the attorney’s area of expertise
  • Convenient ways to fulfill your pro bono obligation
  • Offers free CLE courses, trainings, and mentors
  • Covers pre-approved court and litigation costs
  • Allows attorneys to retain 100% of awarded fee

Advocate & Educate on These Legal Matters

  • Family Law for Victims of Domestic Violence
  • Housing for Seniors Age 60 and Older
  • Assist People with Disabilities with their Public Benefits
  • Real Property Foreclosures for Seniors Age 60 and Older
  • Consumer Law for Seniors Age 60 and Older
  • Injunctions for Protection for Victims of Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Violence, Repeat Violence, or Stalking
  • Bankruptcy for Seniors Age 60 and Older

Let us know what types of cases you would be interested in handling pro bono!

Advice and Counsel Hotline

Participate with a BLC or CLC Advice and Counsel Hotline offering free legal advice and counsel to eligible people in need. Volunteer pro bono attorneys provide advice via telephone, video conferencing, or in-person. Areas of law covered are mainly private landlord‐tenant disputes, consumer issues, and family law matters like child support matters.

  • We provide attorneys training and a hotline manual
  • You don’t have to do any follow‐up work
  • All advice is covered by BLC & CLC malpractice insurance
  • Attorneys earn pro bono credit hours for the time they volunteer

Florida Bar Rule 4-6.1 advocates 20 hours of pro bono service per year and/or making a donation of at least $350.

Volunteer and Donate today!

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