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Holiday Adopt-a-Family- Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who participated in making this holiday season just a little brighter for someone else. Every family greatly appreciated your generosity and kindness this year. Without you, many of these families wouldn’t have had a joyful holiday season.              

We were able to help 30 families and 112 children, including 26 children living in group homes. Thank you for all of your generous donations!

For the past couple of years, Broward College’s Emerging Leaders group has partnered up with us to donate gifts to children in group homes. This year they generously adopted 26 children! The Emerging Leaders group wanted to ensure that not only the children’s wants were met, but also their needs. These wonderful individuals created a care bag for each child which consisted of basic needs such as toiletries, blankets, hand sanitizer, etc. They took it a step further and bought toys that they would also enjoy.

Thank you Broward College for your continual care for these children and participating in our project yearly!

This senior Veteran was graced with an amazing adopter who went above and beyond the call of duty. Stephen Ferrante from Group Victory, wanted to make sure that special care was given to a senior citizen. For Thanksgiving, Ferrante gave the senior a food basket and a $20 Publix gift card. A week later, he took the senior  to Dollar Tree and purchased personal care, cleaning, and household items he needed including some Christmas decorations for his home. Within the next week, Ferrante dropped off some much needed clothes, linens (bedding and towels), dishes, and glasses. During Christmas week, Ferrante bought light bulbs and gave holiday gifts to the senior. That’s not all – Ferrante promises to offer ongoing support into 2020 to ensure the senior citizen’s year starts off right. Way to go Stephen Ferrante! Thank you for your continued care.

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The Law Office of Carlos E. Sandoval, P.A. delivered their gifts to their adopted family and had a great time. Here are some reactions from staff members.

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“What impacted me the most is the positivity and joy that the family radiates and the eagerness to share their family stories with us.”
– Vanina

“I personally am so thankful to have the opportunity to participate and get to know this wonderful family. Grandma Sue is an angel. She is so loving and dedicated to her family. She is patient and listens graciously to each of her grand-kids. You can sense serenity and love in that room. I can see why they were nominated. They totally deserved it. In the time that we spent together, I learned that a simple act of kindness, of companionship and shared laughs can go a long way.”
– Marielisa

The Law Offices of Gustavo E. Frances also enjoyed participating this year. They gifted two bikes to this young woman’s two sons.

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Kim Vaughan Lerner LLP, had a great time with this project! Not only did everyone jump at the opportunity to help, they were able to get almost everything on the wish list for the children, plus a Walmart gift card for the Mother…even a birthday gift! They even managed to coordinate to deliver the gifts on the birthday of one of the children, which made it extra special!

We’d like to give a shout out to everyone at Coast to Coast and Legal Aid who pitched in to adopt a very large family this year. Because of their help, each of the 14 children received at least one toy that they asked for, plus extra gift cards for clothes and food. They were beyond appreciative for all the love and generosity!

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A very special thank you also goes out to the St. Thomas More Society, Tim and Karen Perkes, Diane Jones, David Netzer, Steven Jaffe, Cheryl Bucker, and Judge Linda Pratt and to Richard Pratt for making generous cash donations. Those donations enabled us to provide gift cards to some of our clients to buy food and clothing during the holidays.

Lauren and Ian Alperstein| Birnbaum Lippman & Gregoire, PLLC | Broward College Emerging Leaders Group | Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney| Pablo J. Calvo| Carlos E. Sandoval, P.A.| Chorowski & Clary, P.A.| Claudia Jo Willis, P.A. | The Diaz Family| Marta Estevez, Esq.| Finizio Law Group| Fiske & Company| James Heaton and Jaclyn O’Connor | Rich Kasser Esq.| Edwina Kessler, Esq.| Kim Vaughan Lerner LLP | Law Office of Cindy S. Voya, P.A.| Law Office of Gustavo E. Frances, P.A.| Melissa Murray Law| Jessica Ross| Sara Singer Law| Stephen Ferrante| Jeffrey Streitfeld|

Thank you to everyone who took part in this rewarding project! Your generosity is not overlooked! Hope to see you participate in this upcoming year!

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