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Story of Justice: Brittany Seeks Justice for her Rape During her Military Service

Brittany Seeks Justice for her Rape During her Military Service

Brittany* joined the Air Force at 18 years old, excited at the prospect of a career in the military. Within a month, she was victimized and raped by the very soldier assigned to mentor her. She reported the rape but nothing was done, and she was left on base with her assailant. Rather than the career she had planned, she left the military when her term was up and received an honorable discharge.

The Challenge

Brittany filed a claim for service-connected benefits and was granted a 30% total for anxiety related to the rape as well as back injuries sustained from a motor vehicle accident. As the years went by and her back condition worsened, she requested an increase in her benefits. At this moment, her compensation status was changed to “anxiety related to her back problems.” No mention remained of her assault or her PTSD.

Brittany’s life continued to fall apart for the next 10 years. She left her husband and gave up custody of her 8-year-old child. She alienated her family so that they obtained a restraining order against her. As a result, she went through numerous periods of homelessness and abusive relationships.


Eventually, Brittany came to CCLA for assistance with her claim requesting an increase in her benefits due to her back problems. CCLA represented her at the VA and filed additional medical records on her behalf. CCLA submitted a full brief showing the connection of the assault to the Veteran’s current condition. Brittany received a proper PTSD diagnosis and obtained treatment for her mental health problems.

Why it Matters

CCLA was also able to obtain congressional assistance with her case. Ultimately, the VA increased the rating to 90% and granted TDIU, effectively placing her at 100% disability with a monthly payment amount of $3,000, and was awarded back benefits in the amount of $118,000. Needless to say, this changed Brittany’s life.

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*Names, images, and details have been changed to protect our client’s privacy

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