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Story of Justice: Julie Escapes Her Abuser

Julie came to us for help after her boyfriend, and father of her children, violently attacked her. She shared two minor children and a home with the abuser. One evening, her abuser came home and began arguing with Julie. The argument became physically violent when the abuser punched Julie multiple times in the face. The force of the punches caused Julie to fall back into the television in their living room. The abuser then grabbed her by the hair and dragged her through the living room. He threw her to the ground before punching her two more times in the face. One of the children began crying when she saw the violence against her mother. The child’s cries distracted the abuser long enough for Julie to run out of the home. She was bleeding profusely from her face. She was able to call 911 when she escaped. When the police arrived, she was transported by an ambulance to the hospital and received medical treatment for the injuries to her eye and head. The abuser was arrested and charged with domestic battery.

The next day, when she was released from the hospital, Julie went to the courthouse and filed a Petition for Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence. She was granted a Temporary Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence. Then, she contacted our office for representation after realizing that she would need assistance in representing herself at the Final Hearing on her Petition for Injunction. Julie felt overwhelmed and anxious at the thought of having to face the abuser and present her case in court alone.

CCLA accepted her case for representation and prepared for the Final Hearing by gathering evidence, speaking to law enforcement who responded to the incident, and reviewing photos of Julie’s injuries. At the Final Hearing, we were successful in obtaining a Final Judgment of Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence until further order of the Court. Eliciting relevant testimony and admitting evidence Julie would not have known to do.

Additionally, we provided Julie with assistance for the criminal case against the abuser providing victim’s rights enforcement. Her CCLA attorney was able to attend court hearings for her and with her. Julie was able to navigate through the civil and criminal systems and understand the difference between the cases and know what was going on with our assistance. We were able to convey her wishes to the prosecutor and advocate for what she wanted. Ultimately, Julie felt very relieved and safe after being granted a Final Judgment Against Domestic Violence in full force and effect until further order of the court and the abuser being convicted of domestic violence and getting sentenced to probation with all the terms she wanted. Julie was thankful for CCLA’s help with her cases.

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