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Story of Justice: Appealing Jim’s SSDI Case

Jim* worked his entire life doing hard labor until an injury on the job prevented him from working and he started getting SSDI benefits. While getting benefits, he developed a new condition which caused painful chronic tumors on the bottom of his feet. His doctors were baffled as to the cause of the tumors or how to prevent them from recurring. His only treatment option was being subjected to surgery after surgery to remove the tumors. Sadly, the tumors would quickly grow back. Despite this painful and chronic condition, Social Security reviewed his case and decided he was no longer disabled and advised him to return to work. Jim knew he would be unable to work with the pain, the surgeries and the recovery, and he appealed Social Security’s decision.

Jim sought assistance from Coast to Coast Legal Aid of South Florida’s (CCLA) Economic Advocacy and Community Health Unit. CCLA attorneys worked closely with Jim, representing him at a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). Remarkably, despite all of Jim’s surgeries and complications, the ALJ denied his case. CCLA attorneys helped Jim file appeals with the Appeals Council and worked with pro bono counsel on an appeal in Federal Court, ultimately obtaining a favorable decision which sent the case back to the Judge for a new hearing. Also at stake this time, was whether Jim would have to repay the $88,000 Social Security claimed was an overpayment. CCLA once again represented Jim at his new hearing before an ALJ. This time, the ALJ agreed that Jim was still not able to work and should keep receiving benefits.

Why it Matters

For over 6 years, Jim lived with the pain of both his condition and the surgeries while fighting to keep his SSDI benefits. With CCLA’s representation, he ultimately prevailed, allowing him to keep his monthly SSDI benefits and Medicare. Additionally, Jim avoided having to repay the $88,000 Social Security had paid him. This was a huge weight off of Jim’s shoulders as he continues to require multiple surgeries a year and did not know what he would do without his benefits or health insurance. Now, Jim can focus on his health.

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