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Story of Justice: Caregiver Stella and Her Grandkids

Meet Stella: A Low-Income Senior with a Heart of Gold

Stella, a low-income senior living on Section 8, had more than her fair share of responsibilities. She was not just trying to make ends meet, but also raising her grandchildren by herself.

A Domino Effect of Struggles Begins

When we met Stella, she found herself in the middle of a storm, a chain reaction of troubles that threatened her housing and family’s stability. An error by the Housing Authority delayed Stella from getting her Section 8 moving packet. As a result, she could not move out of her unit on time. Stella’s landlord then filed an eviction case against her. Stella feared becoming homeless and losing her Section 8 Voucher, but she was more concerned about the welfare of her grandchildren.

Slowing Down the Eviction

Enter CCLA Attorneys. CCLA Attorneys knew the importance of time in Stella’s case. We helped Stella file the right Answer to her eviction case to slow down the process.

In tandem, CCLA Attorneys engaged in negotiations with Stella’s landlord. They demonstrated Stella’s efforts to find a new place and move out and pleaded for more time. This temporary reprieve gave her the time needed to turn the tide.

Finding a New Home

With the clock ticking, Stella scoured for a new place to call home. Once she found it, CCLA Attorneys leaped into action again. They reached out to the new landlord, persuading them to expedite the move-in process.

Jim Moran Grant: A Helping Hand

To remove one more obstacle from Stella’s path, CCLA Attorneys tapped into their resources, utilizing the Jim Moran Grant to cover Stella’s moving costs. Every little bit counted in the race against time.

Settling into a New Beginning

As Stella and her grandchildren stepped into their new home, a sense of relief washed over them. But there was one final chapter to write. CCLA Attorneys drafted a Motion to Dismiss the eviction case, and the landlord agreed. Eviction case dismissed, Section 8 Voucher safe, and crisis averted.

Stella’s “Lifesavers”: The “Dove” that Swooped In

Stella called to say thank you and described CCLA as “her dove, swooping in to save her and her grandchildren in their time of need.”

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