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Story of Justice: Jack

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Blog---JackStory of Justice: Jack

Challenge: Jack needed legal guidance to modify the Parenting Plan and time-sharing schedule for his 5 and 9 year old children. The mother of the children repeatedly went to their school drugged and drunk to pick up the children.

The school staff alerted the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and the Child Protective Services Investigator, who immediately placed the children with their father. They directed Jack to go to the Courthouse to file an emergency motion and modification of the Parenting Plan.

Assistance: After speaking with our Family Court Self Advocacy Center (FCSAC) attorney for guidance on how to proceed, Jack filed an Emergency Motion for Temporary Relief and Supplemental Petition for Modification of the Parenting Plan and was granted temporary 100% overnights with the children pending a full hearing on his petition. The mother was limited to supervised time sharing since DCF had an open investigation.

Why it Matters: Jack returned to the FCSAC in tears to thank the one service in the courthouse that provided him with concrete information on how to maneuver through the legal system. We also referred him to 2-1-1 for additional resources for his family. Jack told us that without our assistance he would not have known where to begin.

*Names and images have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients

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