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Story of Justice: Sally Flees an Abusive Relationship

Story of Justice: Sally Flees an Abusive Relationship


Sally* was on the receiving end of an abusive relationship with Carlos*. After years of abuse, Sally finally filed a restriction order against Carlos, but unfortunately the harassment continued. Even though Carlos was charged with two counts of Violation of Injunction, he continued to violate the terms of the injunction while the criminal case was pending. Sally was under a lot of stress and did not feel safe.

Legal Assistance

Sally reached out to Coast to Coast Legal Aid of South Florida (CCLA) for legal assistance. After carefully studying the case, CCLA worked with the state attorney on a motion to revoke Carlos’ bond. Carlos was arrested and ultimately accepted a plea offer to resolve the case with twelve months of county probation.

Sally agreed to the terms of the resolution and Carlos was ordered to complete anger management classes, undergo a mental health evaluation, and to follow the recommended treatment. In addition, Carlos was to have no direct or indirect contact with Sally and follow the terms of the injunction.

Unfortunately, Carlos continued to harass Sally. Sally documented all of the violations and after months of working with the Defendant’s probation officer, a violation of probation was filed and a warrant was issued for the Carlos’ arrest.

Why It Matters

A hearing was held to address the warrant. CCLA argued to the Court that this has been an ongoing issue and that Carlos had been fully aware of the conditions of his probation and injunction and presented evidence of messages attesting to this. The state attorney also argued that Carlos’ warrant should not be dismissed. The Judge denied the defense’s request to remove the warrant and Carlos was ordered to turn himself in. Sally is grateful to have access to free legal assistance from CCLA to navigate her through this difficult time in her life.

*Names and images have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients

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